Seven compelling reasons to choose Aero 24'7:

Benefit One
All-in-one platform
Aero 24'7 provides an integrated platform that addresses a broad range of needs; saves you
from having to implement a number of separate, single-point solutions.
Benefit One
“Pay-as-you-go” pricing
Only pay for what you need, and spread the operating cost evenly over time.
With low setup costs, this is an affordable proposition for even the smallest airport.
Benefit One
You operate it, we manage it
Delivered as a secure, cloud-based managed service, an Aero 24'7 solution saves
you from needing additional resources to implement and support the technology.
Benefit One
Easy to use
Intelligent design means that end-user training requirements are minimal,
and training is provided as part of the service.
Benefit One
Quick to implement
A minimal Aero 24'7 solution can be implemented in a matter of weeks
rather than months and expanded “on demand” as your needs change.
Benefit One
Robust and scalable
Aero 24'7 is suitable for any size of airport operation. The Flex and Integrator
editions are aimed at the demands of more complex airport environments.
Benefit One
Innovation with experience
Aero 24'7 breaks the mould. It's an exciting, “next generation” platform that draws on
twenty-five years of company expertise in airport systems, business processes
and information technology to deliver an impressive airport experience.