Aerosmith’s Top 3 Albums and Why


Aerosmith is one of America’s greatest rock bands. This band from Boston has permeated culture in every way. They have a ride at Disney World. They wrote the eventual theme song for a blockbuster movie and they can still tour today and fill stadiums. Aerosmith has staying power, but their music is what gives them staying power. Their top three albums are all tops for a reason. Each one, gives them cache that other rock bands just don’t have.

Aerosmith 1973

The self-titled first album from Aerosmith gave everyone the beautiful title Dream On. In fact, most people don’t realize that this is one of the first things that Aerosmith ever did. This is because it still getting play today. Moreover, most people imagine Steven Tyler singing the song more aggressively than he did on the album. With this album, Aerosmith put themselves on the radio permanently and gave people a song to hold on to. Imagine Steven Tyler killing Dream On now. Imagine how amazingly he screams in the chorus. That all started with this album

Toys In The Attic 1975

Most people don’t realize that Sweet Emotion is about the second or third thing that Aerosmith ever did. They already had a permanent place on the radio with Dream On, but they added to that with Sweet Emotion, a song you can hear on their roller coaster, and a song that people still love to this day. Aerosmith followed up one classic with another.

Permanent Vacation 1987

Everyone knows Dude Looks Like A Lady. Everyone remembers Rag Doll. Everyone who grew up in the 80’s remembers how Aerosmith became a hall of fame band with this album. Hit after hit came from this album, but we still hear Dude Looks Like A Lady and Rag Doll to this day. In fact, Dude Looks Like A Lady was just another example of how Steven Tyler could scream melodically. He exhibits more skill and range in one song than some bands do in their whole career. Visit No BS Best Electronic Cigarette to learn more about ecigarette!

Each of these albums are American classics that are a must listen for anyone who doesn’t already know them.

A Brief Look Back at Steven Tyler’s Drug Addiction and Recovery

steventylerAerosmith’s frontman Steve Tyler had a quick rise to fame with the help of his signature high pitched screams and high energy performances. The success of Aerosmith created a public demand that led to exhausting tour schedules and sound recordings. Between nonstop touring and intense songwriting Steve Tyler turned to alcohol and drugs, he was soon followed by each member of his band and by the end of the 70’s the success of Aerosmith began a steady decline.

At the start of the 80’s Steve Tyler’s drug use had advanced to include a combination of various stimulants combined with Heroin. His continued drug abuse led to a swift downfall, a downfall that pulled the other Aerosmith band members with him. Having the entire Aerosmith band abuse drugs with Steve Tyler at the helm, the music that brought them fame began to suffer.

Between 1984 and 1986 most of Aerosmith had tried to leave their addictive behavior behind with minimal success, Tyler however had continue to run hard, lifting his drug abuse to new heights. In 1986, the Aerosmith band members convinced Steve Tyler to enter rehab. Following Steve Tyler’s completion of rehab, each band member followed suit. By 1988 a completely sober Aerosmith climbed out from behind a grungy black curtain.

As they emerged clean and sober after years of drug addiction they unleashed a talent that could have easily have been lost forever. Aerosmith released numerous hit albums, one after another. In the early years of sobriety they were even releasing albums twice a year, a testament that they had returned with a vengeance. They attributed their success to harm reduction, much like you can find with e-cigarettes. Check out this List of Electronic Cigarette Brands.

Steve Tyler remained sober for nearly twenty years and then sadly in 2006 he had slipped and began briefly abusing prescription pills that lasted 3 years. Now a grandfather, Steve Tyler can look back at his drug addiction with mixed feelings. In recent interviews he has commented that, “his life of heavy drug use had cost him everything”. Fortunately through his daily struggles to remain clean, Tyler has managed to repair his past damage and and has become the man he was always destined to be.

Steven Tyler LOVES Plastic Surgery

We all know that Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith loves to work on his own face. Steven admits he likes to use botox injections on his face. You can cleary see the results of that. Let’s hope he does not go into a borstvergroting rotterdam treatment. That would be really weird, even for our man Steven. According to Steven, botox injections make his skin feel smooth and fresh.

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But let’s “face” it Steven, it doesn’t look natural at all. It looks scary and you do not want to walk up to him at night. But it makes him feel and stay young and botox is the only solution for an everlasting youthful face. Steven’s appearance has become a news item on itself. It is said that surgeons worked on his cheeks, a nose job and even a facelift. Steven is also known to use a lot of supplements like the muscle zx90 supplement.

Anyway, we wish Steven Tyler the best of luck and health. I just pray that his face won’t fall off anytime soon, because we still love him and of course his music rocks.


What is Aerosmith?

Who are aerosmith

Walk this way, just gimme a kiss, like this! Sound familiar? Walk this way was a hit song by the music group Aerosmith, that flooded radio waves and music television, appearing on billboards top 100 list for close to a year. They remade this song again a decade laterwith a rap group, Run-D.M.C. and again featured on billboards top 100 list for a long time. Walk this way, considered one of Aerosmith’s most successful recordings, and almost everyone has heard it. Walk this way with Run-D.M.C. started a rock and rap revolution previously unseen, changing music for generations to come.
Aerosmith is the bestselling rock band of all time selling over 150 million records. They hold records for having the most gold selling records and tied for the most multi-platinum selling records, by an American group. They have 21 billboard top 40 songs, 9 number 1 rock songs, and are winners of 4 grammys, rock and roll hall of fame in 2001. They are on VH1’s top 100 artists of all time list, also Rolling Stone magazine top 100 greatest artist of all time list.
Aerosmith- This self-titled album was the first release, and it was a huge success. The new blues-rock style and Steven Tyler’s voice was unique. This album went on to sell 2 million copies, and featured the song “dream on” which remains one of the bands biggest hits.
Get your Wings- The bands 2nd album went on to sell 3 million copies. This album contained the hit song “same old song and dance” and a few other radio successful songs, but no huge hits.
Toys in the Attic- Selling 8 million copies, this album featured hits such as “Sweet Emotion” and re-released dream on. This album shot Areosmith into major stardom with other successful bands at the time Led Zepplin, and The Rolling Stones.
Rocks- Rocks had two FM hit songs, considered one of the top 500 albums by Rolling Stone Magazine. This record went on to sell 4 million copies.
Draw the Line- This album was the last album before for drug addiction started to effect the band, and it still went on to sell 2 million copies, making for the 4th straight muli-platinum albmum
Live! Bootleg- Was a live raw recorded album that featured a remake of The Beatles “Come Together”. This would be the last top 40 song for Aerosmith for nearly a decade.
Drug addiction effected the band members Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, and vocalist Steven Tyler. At this point Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton decided to leave the band. Popularity of Aerosmith declined steadily, despite touring and releasing a greatest hits album. Aerosmith released done with mirrors in 1984 but it only managed to go gold, and did not feature any hit songs.
Run-D.M.C and Steven Tyler performed “walk this way” in 1986, this version of the song would hit 4th on billboards top 100 songs, and began a massive revival for Aerosmith.
Permanent Vacation- This album would revive Aerosmith, featuring hit songs “dude looks like a lady”, rag doll, and angel. This album would reach 40th on billboards top 100 albums, and end up selling 5 million copies.
Pump- One of Areosmiths most successful albums featured 3 top 10 songs, and would go on to sell 7 million copies.
Get a Grip- This would be the bands first album to debut at #1. It featured 5 top songs that had huge success and managed to sell 7 million copies in only 30 months. 20 million copies of this album sold worldwide, featuring “Livin’ on the edge” and “Crazy”, each song went on to win a grammy award.
Big Ones- This album was a greatest hits album that included a few new songs. It reached #6 on billboards top 100 albums and sold 4 million copies in America.
Later works of Aerosmith were thought as thrown together by critics, because a contract obligation unmet.
9 lives- Plagued with issues, including management termination, but still managed to go double platinum United States. 2 top 100 singles were produced on this album.
I don’t wanna miss a thing, a highly successful single was released in 1998. The song was widely popular, featured on soundtracks for popular movies. The video for the song featured Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv.
Aerosmith went on to play at the superbowl in 2001. Later released albums featured only a few minor hit songs, and Aerosmith fell out of mainstream.
They continued to tour off an on the next decade with some success here and there, mostly for their previous work. Steven Tyler was a judge featured in the popular American TV show, American Idol.
Aerosmith is the best-selling rock band. They have over 4 decades of music to listen to, and 100’s of songs on 14 albums. They are legendary in rock and roll music.

Who Are the Bad Boys From Boston?

Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton

Aerosmith, also known as “The Bad Boys From Boston” and “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”, have been rocking around the world since their official formation in 1970 and the band is still active to this day. The members of the band have remained a topic of great fascination to fans all over and they have gone through great success, separation, and reunion. Who exactly are the members of Aerosmith and how do they each contribute to the successes of the band?

Steven Tyler
Probably the most famous member of the band, Steven Tyler is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and plays multiple instruments for Aerosmith such as the harmonica, mandolin, percussion, and piano. He is also known as the “Demon of Screamin'” due to his extensive vocal range and screams in Aerosmith’s songs. He was born in 1948 in New York City’s Yonkers. Tyler is also known for his struggles with drugs when his admittance into rehab in 1986 was publicized as well as his relapse with prescription painkillers in the 2000’s. But Tyler has remained to be an inspiration and rock icon for the 20th and 21st century and continues to go strong with the band and his solo endeavors.

Joey Kramer
Known as probably one of the strongest and yet most entertaining drummers in history, Joey Kramer has entertained concertgoers by playing the drums not only with his arms and legs, but also his head. He was born in 1950 in the Bronx in New York City and he is credited for coming up with the name, “Aerosmith”. In 2009, he released his memoir called, Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top, documenting his life before and with Aerosmith. He is known for his openness when it comes to other writers contributing to Aerosmith as long as all five band members play the songs.

Joe Perry
If there is any band member who has had an interesting dynamic, it would be Joe Perry. Born in 1950 in Lawrence, MA, Perry is the lead guitarist, background vocalist, and occasional lead singer for Aerosmith. In Rolling Stones list, “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, Perry made number 84. Perry was a part of the band’s formation in 1970, but in 1979 there was trouble. Backstage at a concert in Cleveland, Perry’s wife got into a disagreement with Tom Hamilton’s wife and threw a glass of milk at her. Then after a heated argument between him and Steven Tyler, Perry left the band. But in 1984, Perry met with the band and rejoined and hasn’t left since. He has also become a very successful solo artist.

Tom Hamilton
As the bassist for Aerosmith, Tom Hamilton sings the background vocals and has also co-written some of the band’s greatest hits such as “Sweet Emotion” and “Janies Got a Gun”. He occasionally will play guitar as well. He was born in 1951 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Brad Whitford
Born in 1952, Brad Whitford is one of the originating members of Aerosmith and one of the lead guitarists. Like Perry, Whitford departed the band temporarily in 1981, but later returned the same time as Perry in 1984 and has remained in the band since.

Former members of the band include Ray Tabano (1970-1971), Jimmy Crespo (1979-1984), and Rick Dufay (1981-1984) and touring members including Thom Gimbel (1989-1995) and Russ Irwin (1997-Present).

Why did people love Aerosmith so much ?

aerosmith love

Forty three years, forty three long years and Aerosmith survived through it all. If you know I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’s lyrics that goes; “I could stay awake, just to hear you breathin’. Watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you’re far away and dreaming. I could spend my life in this sweet surrender….”, or have sing along to the words of Dream On’s “Sing with me, sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. Sing with me, just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away…..” Then you definitely know Aerosmith. It would be impossible if you say you haven’t heard these songs before. Because whether you were born on the 90’s or early 70s, Aerosmith reflects a huge name in the music industry. Even at present time, there songs are still widely played on the radio and is still famous on the Internet even their music have already age two, three or four decades.

Aerosmith have the machine-gun mouth vocalist Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton the band’s occasional backing vocals and guitarist, Joey Kramer the drummer, Joey Perry another lead vocal who also happens to play the bass and guitar and, Brad Whitford, the one who handle the band’s rhythm guitar.

So How Does Aerosmith Differs from Today’s Bands

Their rocky-blue tunes have it’s own signature. Steven Tyler’s vocal itself is a signature. Aerosmith is a signature that only the band holds.
In today’s world where music is dominated by beats and profaned lyrics, Aerosmith still managed to exist as a respected band, one to whom its music will never be forgotten. They’ve been best known for their rock music. It was in the ’70s when Aerosmith’s career was on its peak and it even soared higher when they released the song “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” where it landed Top 1 in U.S Billboard Top 100 for four weeks. Aside from Tyler beautiful voice range (as he was dubbed as the Demon of Screamin’) Aerosmith’s music is not just all about the good beats. It’s about the depth of the songs, the lyrics and the way its tunes affects its listener’s emotions.

Aerosmith STILL rocks!

Forty three years later, Aerosmith is still America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band? Guess what, 65 years old Steven Tyler and the rest of the gang still evades wide concert grounds all around the globe from Europe to Asia. They still appear on television. On their concert in the Philippines last May, they performed in front of about eleven thousand fans and these fans have paid as much as 20,000 Philippine Pesos (about $500) just to see these guys perform. Too much crowd and productivity for a 43-year old band, right? Note that it is not just the people who experienced the 70s music arena who loved Aerosmith. Even teenagers born in early 2000’s listened to their music too.

So why do you think people loved Aerosmith so much? The answers are there – they are what music is all about. Their music connects. Their music has sense and they have the unbeatable powerful vocal of Steven Tyler. If you were to ask any Aerosmith fanatics, their definition of this band would be; LEGENDARY.